Thank you for reading The Emotion of Guilt (Part 1 of 3).  In this post I’d like to share some thoughts about two passages of scripture from the Bible to deepen our understanding about the emotion and to learn how “healthy guilt” helps us to experience safety and success with behavior that is problematic or addictive in nature.  I think […]

Just like anger, we ask ourselves the question: Is all fear bad fear? Not at all. Fear is an important emotion that tells us there is something we need to look at or address which could be an actual threat to us or to someone we love. However, unhealthy reactions to fear, as we read […]

Fear is an intense emotion of uneasiness, connected to a real or perceived danger from an identifiable object, person or process. The emotion of fear may have elements of worry, panic and anger however, fear is typically experienced when it is brought upon by a basic feeling of being vulnerable to a person or process […]

Anger Management Tool: My Feelings Letter Use these feeling stems/letter format to identify and work through your feelings connected to a person, or a past or current life experience.  Feel free to use other feeling words if they are not listed here. Also, feel free to record “multiple entries” for any of the feeling stems […]

Anger tends to be a reactive emotion that we experience and express when we perceive, or are actually threatened and we sense or fear that we may not have the ability to create safety for ourselves or control the situation (or person) that triggered the anger in the first place. Being a reactive in nature, […]

Thanks for reading Is it “Love” or is it…Desire? Part 1 of 3, and Part 2 of 3.  In these two posts we looked at how the emotion of “love” (or lust and desire) may have gotten us in hot water in our past and if so, how could a more complete understanding and demonstration […]

A Constructive Response A constructive response to the emotion of “Love” as it is described in Is it “Love” or is it…Desire? (Part 1 of 3)  invites us to take a closer look at how our thinking and behavior connected to lust or desire may have led some of us to experience superficial, immature, broken and possibly […]