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It’s with great pleasure that I’m able to announce that Cultivating Love: Daily Bread For Life Vol. I is available for purchase in the Amazon bookstore for your Kindle and in paperback!

Furthermore, I’m very proud to announce that 100% of all ebook and 50% of all paperback proceeds will be donated to Marissa’s House Projects. Marissa’s House Projects provides services to two primary groups of people in Africa: Housing and care to 23 children in Kampala, Uganda, and operating funds for a K – 5th grade school we built in Jimma Ethiopia. This support arrangement will always remain in effect!

Marissa's House  Projects

And now, about the book, Daily Bread for Life!

Cultivating Love: Daily Bread For Life, Vol. I is the sixth book in the Cultivating Love book series and is a combination of blog entries that I wrote in 2015 and uploaded to these 3 blogs:

  1. Dr. Ken McGill’s Blog, which primarily provides clinical and psychotherapeutic information about communication, addiction and recovery, family relationships, empathy and other values and characteristics to help the individual and family become strong and productive.
  1. Daily Bread For Life, which provides insight and practical information regarding dealing with troubling emotions (“love” or lust, anger, fear, guilt and shame), in addition to providing “integrated” (Theological, Psychological, Trauma and Addiction) information to inspire and help the reader in his/her endeavor to become successful in addressing challenging compulsions in their life or relationships.
  1. “3 – 2 – 5 – 4 – 24” which simply provides the reader with posts that could be read in three to five minutes (3 – 2 – 5) with insight, questions and practical suggestions for (4) you to consider applying over the next 24 hours (24). The posts focus on a broad number of personal and relationship issues with “integrated insight” from the domains of psychology, theology, addiction and recovery and communication.

Cultivating Love: Daily Bread For Life and all of the books in the Cultivating Love series are great resources for individuals, couples, people who are challenged with compulsive and problematic behaviors and are a great counseling resource for Counselors, Pastors, Pastoral Counselors, Clinicians and College students.

Now, like all of the other books that I’ve written, you can have this information on your Kindle or in paper!  I’m so pleased to provide this to you, and I am very thankful that you are able to help the children involved with Marissa’s House in this unique manner.

The other books in the Cultivating Love series are:

  1. Enhancing Communication: Effective communication tools to facilitate dialogue, empowerment and conflict resolution. This is a staple in my counseling practice.
  1. Renewal in Your Life and Your Marriage: Is for couples who have decided they wish to rebuild their relationship, and this workbook provides the couple with practical, effective and clinical “tools” to assist them in their process of defining and growing healthy, safe and edifying behaviors that will produce love, and strengthen and protect their marriage.
  1. Finishing Strong is a book in the Cultivating Love book series, where the focus of this book is to address problematic or compulsive sexual behavior in the lives of men and women.
  1. When Secrets Surface: This is an in-depth exploration of how to deal with the discovery of unfaithfulness, with insight and practical exercises to help you make safe, informed and healthy choices regarding what direction you wish to take with your relationship.
  1. Growing Character: Identifying, exploring and cultivating values that help you to determine how you wish to live your life.

Thank you for your consideration to purchase of Cultivating Love: Daily Bread For Life, Volume I and for helping Marissa’s House Projects! Please pass along this information or post to others who you think could benefit from Daily Bread For Life and if you have benefitted by the posts in the blogs, by all means please leave a recommendation about the book!

Thanks again,

Dr. Ken McGill, LMFT, CSAT

TeleHealth/Video counseling sessions are available for those who prefer to meet online – Dr. McGill

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  1. This all looks great! Thank you Dr. McGill for doing the hard work to get this into the hands of those in need! We are blessed!



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About Dr Ken McGill

Dr. Ken McGill is an ordained minister and has been involved in counseling for more than 25 years. Dr. McGill holds a Bachelor's degree in Religion from Pacific Christian College (now Hope International University), a Certificate of Completion in the Alcohol and Drug Studies/Counseling Program from the University of California at Los Angeles and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. Dr. McGill received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Family Psychology from Azusa Pacific University in May, 2003. Dr. McGill's dissertation focused on the development of an integrated treatment program for the sexually addicted homeless population, and Ken was "personally mentored" by dissertation committee member Dr. Patrick Carnes, a pioneer in the field of sex addiction work. Dr. McGill authored a chapter in the text The Clinical Management of Sex Addiction, with his chapter addressing the homeless and sex addiction. Dr. McGill is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the States of Texas and California and Mississippi, and is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, through the International Institute for Trauma and Addictive Professionals (IITAP). Dr. McGill had a private practice in Glendora, CA (Aspen Counseling Center), Inglewood, CA (Faithful Central Bible Church), and Hattiesburg, MS (River of Life Church), specializing in the following areas with individuals, couples, families, groups and psychoeducational training: addictions and recovery, pre-marital, marital and family counseling, issues related to traumatization and abuse, as well as depression, grief, loss, anger management and men's and women's issues. Dr. McGill also provided psychotherapeutic treatment with Student-Athletes on the University of Southern Mississippi Football and Men's Basketball teams. Dr. McGill served as the Director of the Gentle Path Program, which is a seven-week residential program, for people who are challenged with sexual addiction, sexual anorexia, and relationship issues. Dr. McGill also supervised Doctoral students in the Southern Mississippi Psychology Internship Consortium with the University of Southern Mississippi. Dr. McGill was inducted into the Azusa Pacific University Academic Hall of Honor, School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences, in October, 2010. Dr. McGill currently works as a Private practice clinician with an office in Plano, Texas, providing treatment with people who are challenged in the areas mentioned above.